EEM Installation and permission issue with AWS
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EEM Installation and permission issue with AWS


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Hello ... We had EEM installed in our new AWS dev environment, however, due to restrictive Windows security policies on the system drive, we uninstalled it, then re-installed it to a spare data drive partition.  The install keeps failing (please see attached logs) with this message coming up in the install log:

DEBUG [main] [WinRegistry] Reading the registry returned: ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.

We have had this issue in the past.  I tried the steps from the previous case and the install still will not work.  The steps I performed are: stopped the services; used add/remove programs to un-install the product; removed references in the registry; deleted Windows folders.


Release: 17.3


Virtual Machine provisioned by the AWS platform has some software installation restrictions for the C: drive. 


1. Due to restrictive permission on  C: drive of the AWS virtual machine, we continue to experience  Failed to move C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CAPKI\tmp\CAPKI5/Windows/amd64/64\capki\log\liblog_api.dll  to C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CAPKI\CAPKI5/Windows/amd64/64\capki\log\liblog_api.dll [4]

2. Manually remove installed components for CAPKI and EEM.

3. Clean remnants components from Registry

4. Separately and manually installed CAPKI using etpki_5_2_11-00_amd64_64bit_fips_VS2005 file ( run from command line = setup.exe install caller=5211bit64 veryverbose). This installed CAPKI on C: drive without any issue.

5. install EEM from SDM DVD to a custom drive and validate the functionality from the EEM interface

6. Move CAPKI to the preferred custom drive

7. Change Registry Keys to point to a correct (custom) drive

8. Modify Environment variables to point to the correct location

9. Recycled services

10. Validate/verify the functionality