DC002001 - a description of what LU08702 does
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DC002001 - a description of what LU08702 does


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This article elaborates on the description of PTF LU08702, which is an enhancement to the DC002001 processing.


Release : All supported releases.


When IDMS detects that a system mode task is in a runaway condition (potentially looping), a DC002001 message is issued and an SVC dump is taken depending on system snaps being enabled and the severity on the definition of the DC002001 message. There were problems with this process which the enhancements in LU08702 address.

  1. The dump was not taken at the best time. The CV will now request an SVC dump at the most opportune time. This request will still honour the SYSTEM SNAP setting but the severity on the message is no longer relevant. With LU08702 applied, it is no longer necessary to set the slip trap documented in DC002001 slip trap.
  2. The PSW and registers at the time the runaway was detected were not being saved. With LU08702 this information is now saved in the TCE for further dump analysis.