What files are needed to implement a new Endevor
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What files are needed to implement a new Endevor


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Installing Endevor for the first time and need to know what the Endevor files that are getting defined used for


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To implement an inventory structure, certain libraries must first be defined and allocated. The following information describes these libraries.

Master Control File libraries

There is one Master Control File (MCF) for every Stage. A Master Control File stores To implement an inventory structure, certain libraries must first be defined and allocated. The following information describes these libraries.

Element Catalog

The Element catalog is a VSAM KSDS file, similar to the master control files and the package control file. The Element catalog enables the support for long or mixed-case Element names.  When an Element with a long or mixed-case name is added to Endevor, the original name is maintained in the Element catalog, and an Endevor-generated short name (eight characters) is stored in the associated master control file entry. An additional VSAM KSDS file, known as the catalog Cross Reference file, is also maintained, so that actual Element names can be retrieved using the short Element name that is stored in the MCF.

The Element catalog contains one Element catalog record for each Element-Type occurrence and each Element catalog record contains a data segment for each location (MCF) where an Element resides.

There are limitations associated with the Element catalog:

  • A MCF can be associated with only one catalog
  • One catalog can be associated with many MCFs
  • One catalog can be associated with many C1DEFLTS tables

The key of the Element catalog file is 255 characters long. It consists of the following:

  1. The first 240 characters of the Element name. The remaining 15 characters of the Element name are actually stored in the base portion of the record.
  2. The Element Type name

The information supplied to Endevor determines whether the Element catalog or the MCF file is used during Element searches. For example:

  • If the System and Subsystem names are provided, but not the Element name -- the MCF is searched.
  • If an Element name is specified -- the Element catalog is searched; regardless of the System and Subsystem specifications.

Package data set

There is one package data set per site. Endevor stores all packages built at the site, and related information, in this data set. You define the package data set for your site in the Defaults Table. 

Base and Delta libraries

Endevor uses base and delta libraries to store source code. Base libraries store source when it is first added to Endevor. Delta libraries store changes made to the source. Generally, there is one set of base and delta libraries associated with each Type definition. Base and delta libraries are defined during implementation on the Type definition panel.

ACM Root and XREF Libraries

Endevor uses these libraries to store the name of each Element and its related components. This data set is required if your site uses the ACM Query Facility. The ACM library for your site is defined in the C1DEFLTS table.

Output Libraries

(Processors Only) Endevor uses output libraries to store executable forms of programs produced by processors. Allocate these libraries by Stage. Allocate output libraries during Endevor implementation.

Source output libraries

Endevor uses source output libraries to store copybooks, assembler macros, or JCL procedures that are copied elsewhere and therefore have to be available in full source form.

Note: Source output libraries are Type-specific. You can define a source output library for each Type in a Stage, or share one library across Types. Generally, source output libraries are not needed if you store Elements in reverse delta format.

Processor Load and listing libraries

(Processors Only) Endevor uses processor load libraries to store the executable form of Endevor processors. Allocate one processor load library for both Stages of your production Environment; point to these libraries from all other Stages.

Processor listing libraries are optional. Endevor uses them to store listings when processors are compiled. 

Endevor listing libraries

(Processors Only) Used to store compiler listings produced by the CONLIST utility. A single library can be shared across Systems. Listing libraries are  Optional if you do not use CONLIST in your processors. Allocate listing libraries during Endevor implementation. 

Include libraries

Endevor uses include libraries to store the full form of Panvalet (++INCLUDE) and Librarian (-IN) include statements. Allocate include libraries on the Type Definition panel.

Processor output libraries

(Processors Only) These are libraries that you refer to in processors, to which processors write their output. Processor output libraries can be source libraries, executable libraries, or listing libraries.