Oneclick context urls don't work properly (WebApp)
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Oneclick context urls don't work properly (WebApp)


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CA Spectrum


Per below documentation  it should be possible to launch oneclick webapp directly to a specific device, alarm, collection, etc.  


we are observing that this behavior work properly for the 1st url when webapp isn't already launched.  However subsequent URLs don't navigate to the target of the url.

For example:

https://oneclick.spectrum/spectrum/webapp?explorer=0x8032a2a works, but then 

https://oneclick.spectrum/spectrum/webapp?topology=0x803289d does not.


Tests done:

Was not able to get any of the links working to open a WebApp OneClick console, it starts to load, but gets reverted to the OneClick Admin Page.

When using a <hostname>:<port> of a single OneClick server and not via the upper LoadBalancer address it is working.




Release : 21.2


Working as designed


This is expected behaviour

If a context is already opened and if we are trying to launch another context, It will not launch new one but change context in existing one.

So this is working as designed.