Running scripts for populating DB tables in new environment
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Running scripts for populating DB tables in new environment


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CA Identity Suite


We are setting brand new environment 14.4 but we did the silent install and when it started it was pointing to dummy DB and now we are pointing to actual DB, our senior tech and DB senior tech advised that it should be populating itself but it didn't ran on its own and now we are looking for the scripts to run it along with explanation what actions are performed on any steps so we can edit it accordingly to our data base and schemas.

This is not V app, it is a standalone installation of 14.4 CP-1. we have CHF-1 & CHF-2 applied.

Below are the links we referred and path to the older scripts we have.

\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity\tools\db, other than the snapshot database.  You can get details on this process in the documentation here:


Release : 14.4


This issue came down to the fact that the authentication filter was enabled, but the IDM_Auth table was not created or populated

We followed the steps here:

Steps 2-5 Under the heading of:

Protect an Existing Environment After Upgrade
After you upgrade to 
Identity Manager
 12.6 or above, you can protect the Management Console using native security.
After this, the customer was using FIPS in this environment and had to use the pwdtools command as follows:
 pwdTools -FIPS -p <plain text> -k <FIPS key file path>
Non fips environments would use:
pwdtools -JSAFE  -p <plain text>