PXE DHCP offer does not include Option-82
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PXE DHCP offer does not include Option-82


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


Many PXE and BOOTP servers including those offered with Ghost Solution Suite and Deployment Solution's NBS service do not support DHCP Option-82.

Some network environments require and enforce Option-82 for DHCP offers.

As a result, the PXE DHCP offer may be dropped by the DHCP Relay or network equipment. This will cause network booting to fail.


Ghost Solution Suite 3.3 RU10 and earlier

Deployment Solution 8.7 GA and earlier


This is not a bug but a limitation with PXE


Feature requests have been received by Broadcom Developers who are investigating possible enhancements for upcoming releases.

Workarounds include not enforcing Option-82 in DHCP relay or installing PXE and DHCP on the same server. It may also be possible to configure DHCP scope options to resolve the limitation in certain environments.

Ghost Solution Suite 3.3 RU11 now has support for Option-82.

Here is a link to the GSS 3.3 RU 11 release notes: Ghost Solution Suite 3.3 RU11 Release Notes

ITMS 8.7 RU1 will have support for Option-82