String index out of range 5 in UVC in Job Runs when node is on SSL
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String index out of range 5 in UVC in Job Runs when node is on SSL


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


UVC is unable to display the Job Runs of the nodes with SSL enabled, the error in universe.log is:

u_cdj_trt_req | new client authentication failed

The equivalent error in UVC is:

The server is unreachable. Reason: String index out of range: 5

If SSL is disabled, then the Job Runs view starts working again.
When SSL is enabled, every other menus are functional that connect to the IO in SSL, like Node Settings works, Design mode works, Job Run History, etc.
After clearing the error message, we can even create a new run and launch it. Though we cannot see it in the Job Runs view, we can see that the launched job runs to completion in the Job Run History view. 

Expected Behavior: CDJ should be able to send Job Runs to the UVC Consoles while node is on SSL or not
Actual Behavior: CDJ is unable to send the Job Runs to UVC Client in SSL.


Release : 6.10.101 and 6.10.102

Component: Dollar Universe

Sub-Component: Univiewer Console

Context: Node with SSL enabled


Defect in Univiewer Console


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Univiewer Console
Dollar Universe 7.0.01 - Available
Dollar Universe 6.10.111 - Planned to be released in June 2023

Additional Information

Please note that it's not necessary to upgrade UVMS to version 7.x to be able to upgrade UVC to version 7.x

You can keep UVMS on version 6.10.101 and simply upgrade UVC to 7.0.01, this is a compatible configuration where the bug does not manifest.