XCOM for z/OS - accessing file details for remote transfers
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XCOM for z/OS - accessing file details for remote transfers


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I want to be able to obtain the file specification details for all remotely initiated file transfers so that we can identify incorrect or sub-optimal specifications.
Is this information available in the SMF record that XCOM cuts - and can this be reported on?


Release : 12.0


For SMF records there is also the SMFDSECT macro for the SMF record layout: SMF Record and History File 

For history records and using XCOMJOB TYPE=HISTORY, it should be possible to get a report of remotely initiated transfers (OINIT set to REMOTE or R) which contains the transferred file specification details: The Batch Interface > SYSIN01 Parameters > FILETYPE=HISTORY Parameters
Related article : XCOM for z/OS history file record layout

XCOM Engineering provided this additional information:
The HISTORY and SMF records contain the characteristics (i.e. transfer parameters) provided by the user who initiated the transfer.
For z/OS to z/OS transfers, the characteristics of the source data are exchanged with the target z/OS XCOM server via the FILDSECT (File Descriptor).
However, this can be overridden in the transfer parameters.
Although it's exchanged, XCOM doesn't store the original data set attributes from a z/OS partner. That same level of detailed information is generally not even available from a non-z/OS partner.
So in summary the only data stored is what the user provides.