CloudSOC automated export of admin users
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CloudSOC automated export of admin users


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A requirement exists to automate an export of admin users (user, role, etc.) from the CloudSOC portal to a centralized access certification system (SailPoint).  Is it possible to configure an export of users to be sent to the SailPoint system over SFTP or other means?


This is not possible with CASB. 

A feature request has been created to add this functionality. 

If you would like this functionality, open a support ticket and ask to be added to feature request ISFR-2579

As a workaround you can do a manual export to a csv.

  1. Login to CloudSOC as a System Admin
  2. Go to Users | Users
  3. On the Users tab click the drop down arrow to open filters
  4. On the filters under User Role select System Administrator
  5. Click Export

This will create a download link and email it to the logged in user’s email.