Experience Cards shows no metrics
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Experience Cards shows no metrics


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


In the Experience View cards shows "No Data" instead values. I've followed these instructions:




Except sqltools7 because I haven't it. I'm attaching the results of the queries:

select external_id, history from (
select vertex_id, count(1) as history from appmap_vertices
where start_time > (CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '5 day')
group by vertex_id
order by 2 desc
limit 20) t
join appmap_id_mappings m on t.vertex_id=m.vertex_id;


  • select count(*) from appmap_vertices;
  • select count(*) from appmap_attribs;
  • select count(*) from appmap_edges;

we have an schedules task who run these queries, every night, in order to prevent this issue

vacuum full analyze appmap_edges;
vacuum full analyze appmap_vertices;
vacuum full analyze appmap_attribs;



Release : 10.7.0


we replaced these values

# introscope.apm.data.preserving.time=365 DAYS

# introscope.apm.alert.preserving.time=62 DAYS

For these

introscope.apm.data.preserving.time=90 DAYS

introscope.apm.alert.preserving.time=30 DAYS