Error: 'Credentials for the asset have not been specified' when running agent-based Oracle scans in CCS
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Error: 'Credentials for the asset have not been specified' when running agent-based Oracle scans in CCS


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When running an agent-based data collection or CER (collection-evaluation-reporting) job on an Oracle database, the following error is reported in the CCS console:

Failure occurred in query execution. Credentials for the asset have not been specified.. Scope is database '<database_name>' on server '<server_hostname>'



Release : CCS 12.5.2 and CCS 12.6.x

The CCS agent has the Oracle Snap-in applied to the agent (i.e. SCU for Oracle 2022-3 shows up under the 'Content' on the agent in the CCS console), and the agent has been configured to scan the databases using CCSORASETUP.


Even if you have installed the CCS Oracle Snap-in on the agent, and configured the Oracle databases on the agent using the CCSORASETUP -s <database>, CCS will still report this error unless you go into the CCS Console and enable Enable Oracle Credential Management.

Steps to enable Oracle Credential Management in the console:

  1. Go to Settings -> Deployment View.
  2. From the Common Tasks dropdown, select Configure Platform Settings.
  3. In the Platform Settings windows, select Oracle in the left column.
  4. Select the Site Name you would like to configure, or select Global for all sites in your environment.
  5. Select the Credential Management Settings tab, and check the Enable Oracle Credentials Management box.
  6. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window to save the settings.

NOTE: If you use SYSTEM or AS SYSDBA to have CCS create the user that performs the scans on the agent (it will create the C##CCSDBA user in the database), you can configure the length and the special characters used when CCS generates the password, as well as how often CCS changes the password by checking the Enable User Credential Management box and modifying the values in the Password Policies section.  Enable Override Password Settings on Agent if you would like those values in the Password Policies section to override any similar password settings that have been configured on an agent.  Make sure you click Save after making any changes.