Refresh MAC address of Pingable devices
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Refresh MAC address of Pingable devices


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


What is the process to rediscover the MAC address of a Pingable entry after the monitored device has been replaced? I found the KB 16716 article to add a button that runs the 0x10170 action code, but the button isn't added to pingable devices.

The device was discovered as part of a large batch through the autodiscovery console, where the MAC address was populated and the connections discovered.


Release : 22.2


The 0x10170 action code is for SNMP-managed devices only.


A PTF patch is required to run the new 0x25e0051 action code to get MAC refreshed for Pingable devices. Request the Spectrum_22.02.05.PTF_22.2.505 patch and apply on Spectrum 22.2.5 release. The PTF changes will be delivered in Spectrum 22.2.7.

1. And to provide support from OneClick view, you have to copy the $SPECROOT>/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/topo/config/view-pingabledetails-config.xml file into $SPECROOT/custom/topo/config/ directory.

2. Add the below content under the DiscConn param name into the view-pingabledetails-config.xml (under the custom folder) file:

              <param name="actionID">0x25e0051</param>
              <param name="text">Rediscover MAC for Pingables</param>
              <param name="toolTipText">Performs a MAC address discovery on the model</param>
              <param name="confirmSuccess">true;true</param>

3. Restart the Tomcat server.

4. Now in the Information OC view of Pingable, under Reconfiguration, Rediscover MAC for Pingables will appear.

5. Click on that action. Now the MAC address field will be updated from ARP table. This will work even if it has any entry in the MAC address field.

6. You can also use action code 0x25e0051 from CLI.