Instagram Custom Gatelet does not block uploads
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Instagram Custom Gatelet does not block uploads


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CASB Gateway CASB Gateway Advanced


Data transfer type policy fails to block files to Instagram and there are many events generated for Instragram.
The file gets uploaded on Instagram and WSS agent gives a block pop up, however does not block the upload.  
There are many events generated for instargram gatelet in CloudSOC for single block activity even though its not been blocked. 


There are 2 issues with Instagram custom gatelet:

1. Instagram web app is making multiple ajax calls while login and also while loading the different workspaces in the web app with Request Method: POST, content-type: multipart/form-data.
The generic algo for custom gatelet identifying these requests as file upload request and creating multiple upload logs even though there is no actual upload happening.
The issue is - even though Data transfer policy is in place to block the file uploads is not happening. 

2. The actual file upload activity while creating Instagram post is not being recognized. Hence even if policy is in place to block the upload, it not happening. 
When actual image upload happens, that request is routed to domain. 
Tried creating custom app with domain (Request URL:, Request Method: POST) however gateway does not recognize upload hence block also does not happen.


There are too  many specifics required to support Instagram use-cases which ultimately would dilute the generic-ness of the custom-app algorithm.  Engineering is planning to deploy a full Instagram gatelet in a future releases of CASB