set custom JMSCorrelation id
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set custom JMSCorrelation id


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CA API Gateway




We have an api that calls MQ.


1) we are passing a correlation id as a jms property,as frontend is passing it to backend. 

2) Now we want to use the same id for Gateway req/response correlation -  so a custom correlation id for the request.

3) First, we  added JMS header JMSCorrelationID and provided the custom value. Then we are calling route via jms assertion.

4) But the JMS destination created (used by  'Route via JMS), is configured for Gateway to create correlation id. (i dont see any other option).

But, the request reached at  mq still shows gateway generated correlation id. Should it be using custom value?



Release : 10.1


Custom JMSCorrelationID is supported, just need to set the right target message for the header assertion -- the header assertion by default changes the header for the default request message, it won't work when Route via JMS is using custom message as request.