installation of the Easytrieve product with z/OSMF
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installation of the Easytrieve product with z/OSMF


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Easytrieve Report Generator


Trying to install the Easytrieve product release 11.6 via z/OSMF, is there helpful documentation available?

At what point in the installation are the CSI and DD definitions defined?



Easytrieve Report Generator, Release 11.6


To get to the learning, please do go under the Support Portal, your Dashboard, then training as shown here:

From here, please do a find on 'zosmf' and see these 5 course listings:

The 6th one is found by doing a find on 'retrieval':

When clicking on one, such as 'zOSMF Product Install 200', please then click on 'show more', and under 'Resource' the name/link to the PDF will be shown:

Within the above manual, defining the CSI is done within the Deployment Steps.
Here is for example a screen shot showing the various Deployment Steps: