mismatched count on scoreboard query
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mismatched count on scoreboard query


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Sometimes a long standing Scoreboard Query has a mismatch in the count of the records, versus the number of records returned.

In a multiple server environment, this may only be seen for clients connected to one server.


Release 17.3 and higher
CA Service Desk Manager


In such cases, it is worth considering refreshing the caches in order to resolve the issue. A full reboot of the system is the surest way, as this will clear all of the caches involved - such as the operating system, database, application, and if done at the client level, there as well.
Naturally it is also possible to trouble-shoot the issue and look at root cause. Selective cache clearing will at least give the general area of the issue.
However, sometimes the cost/benefit will mean that the recycle of either the application or a more full approach of recycling the environment is worth considering.