Pre-Requisites for Mapping OKRs Between Clarity and Rally
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Pre-Requisites for Mapping OKRs Between Clarity and Rally


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The Clarity Import Integration Mapping job populated the Integration Mapping drop-down menu list in Rally. The Workspace Admin navigates to Rally > Objectives in the workspace and can neither set the Clarity Integration Mapping filed and/or the button + Add New is greyed out.  As a result, the integration does not retrieve the OKR information from Rally (even with Workspace Admin rights).

What are the pre-requisites or necessary rights for Mapping OKRs Between Clarity and Rally?


Release : 16.1.1


If looking to administer Rally objectives there is a separate Admin setting called OKR Admin.

Create OKR Administrators

Only users with the OKR Admin role can create, edit objectives and their key results, add interim targets, and the actual values for tracking OKRs. Once they are created, everyone in your organization can view the objectives and associate portfolio items to an objective.

By default, no user is assigned OKR Admin permissions. You must determine which users require OKR Admin permissions. You must be a Subscription Administrator or a Workspace Administrator to add the OKR Admin role to the permissions of a user.

Users with the OKR Admin role can perform the following actions:

  • Create, edit, and delete an objective.
  • Add, edit, and delete key results for an objective.
  • Modify the confidence score of an objective.
  • Modify the key results interim target schedule and values.
  • Add actual key result values.

  1. Select Setup setup from the Rally menu bar in the upper-right corner of the display.
  2. Select Users.
  3. Select the gear gear icon icon of the user you want to edit, and select Edit.
  4. Navigate to the OKR Admin section and select the OKR Admin check box.
    Checkbox for OKR Admin
  5. Select Save & Close.

Additional Information

  • Rally Workspace administrator can configure Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for your workspace.
  • The Workspace Admin must assign the OKR Admin Role to you before you can create, edit or delete Objectives.
  • Objective Hierarchy levels are defined by your Rally Admin and are Unique to your organization, ranging from highest level object to lowest level objective.
  • Introduction to OKRs in Rally