Cost Plan process runs twice when copying a cost plan in MUX
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Cost Plan process runs twice when copying a cost plan in MUX


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


A process that auto-starts on cost plan creation is initiated twice while copying a cost plan in Modern UX.
In the Classic interface, this behaves correctly and starts only once.

1. Create a process with the primary object Cost Plan
   Start event: Create
2. Create a project and financially enable it
3. On the Classic UI, go to the project Financial Plans tab
4. Create a cost plan
5. On the list view, select the cost plan and on the Actions menu, select the Copy Cost Plan action
6. Fill in the required data and the cost plan is copied
7. Check the process has been initiated once
8. Move to the Modern UX, project Financials module 
9. Right-click on the existing cost plan and use the copy functionality
10. Check if the process runs

Expected Results: The Cost Plan process runs once as the cost plan is created
Actual Results: The cost plan process is executed twice


Clarity 16.X


This is caused by DE68673


This is fixed in 16.1.2