Maintenance PTF LU02756 and job AL2DCA70
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Maintenance PTF LU02756 and job AL2DCA70


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CA 7 Workload Automation


PTF LU02756  has a comment about running AL2DCA70. Need to know more about the timing of this requirement, as will introduce this maintenance with an IPL.  

The comment in the HOLDDATA is

|SEQUENCE  | After Apply                                               |

Do I need to run AL2DCA70 before CA7 is started after the IPL or can I simply do that ASAP after IPL and CA7 start?



Release : 12.1


Once you apply PTF LU02756 and IPL with your maintenance.

Job AL2DCA70 must be run while the CA 7 MUF is active. CA7 can also be active.

Run from library CAL2JCL job AL2DCA70.  Make sure you always use the most current  version of AL2DCA70 from the CAL2JCL dataset.  Expect a return code of zero from all steps.            

This will load (Import) SQL plans for use by CA 7 programs. The SQL Plans must be loaded to the database so that when CA7ONL executes the query, the program can successfully retrieve the data.