NAS auto-operator is not working for queue created for Moogsoft.
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NAS auto-operator is not working for queue created for Moogsoft.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After creating queue for moogsoft in hub, NAS auto-operator alert suppression is not working for this queue, and getting alert flood.


Release: 20.4


The issue is related to redesigning this integration. However, the integration is not correctly configured. For taking advantage of AO rules and pre-processing rules you need to redesign your integration with moogsoft. 

Unfortunately, if the moogsoft queue is attached to alarm2 the queue will intercept the alarm. This is by design and this is being confirmed by the probe developer.

When the probe issues the alarm and publishes it on the message BUS, and the queue is subscribing to that Subject, there is no possible intervention in the middle. The alarm is excluded from the NAS, but not from any other queue that is looking for that subject. There is nothing in the middle, hence, for this to work as you expect, you will need to:

1. Delete your current moogsoft queue that listens to alarm2

2. Create an ao profile to repost the needed alarms with a custom Subject (for example moogsoft) that only the moogsoft queue will pickup.

3. Create a new Moogsoft queue that listens to the new subject created. 

This will ensure that your nas pre-processing and AO script or exclusions are not sent to moogsoft. 

As you currently have this configured all alarms will be intercepted as the queue subscribes to the raw alarm, before it reaches the NAS.