.CONNECT not bypassed with RESTART
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.CONNECT not bypassed with RESTART


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RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS Batch Processor


When performing a restart using for example, .RESTART SYSTEM(SQLSTATS), the .CONNECT statements are not bypassed. This results in the associated Db2 SDSNEXIT library to be referenced.

Why is .CONNECT not bypassed?


Release : 20.0


Batch Processor reads in the entire DDL script into the memory first then execute it one by one.

During the read process, Batch Processor has to parse the script and prepare it for the execution. In the read process, it looks for different commands, SQL statement etc. Whenever .CONNECT appears, it tries to get the DECP to determine if it is a mixed-data system or not. On a mixed data system, SQL statement may have shift out or shift in character enclosed in quotes or double quotes. To correctly parse SQL statement, parser logic dependent on whether system is defined as mixed-data or not.

During the get DECP, the associated SDSNEXIT library will be referenced, so those libraries will appear in the job log.