ARD reports for flows
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ARD reports for flows


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


Is there a report for the number (and names) of flows/models that have been created.



Release : 3.0


There is no "out of the box" report for the number of models created, number of automated test cases or flows generated.

The ARD flows (models) can be stored locally in a file or folder (or on a shared drive) so doing a file search and counting the .vtf files is one way of getting an idea. 

ARD flows can also be stored in the TDM gtrep database. 
In that case check the contents of the gtrep_visual_flow table (vf_name column).

If the ARD hub is used for storing the flows, then in the ARDFlowstorage database, check the ARDFlowStorage table (name column).