XSLT Transformation ---Invalid xml field
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XSLT Transformation ---Invalid xml field


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CA API Gateway


We are receiving json request from source and we are using XSLT transformation to convert JSON to SOAP.

Below is the sample JSON field received from partner.

{"NoteToRcvr": "\\uD83D\\uDE36?\\uD83C\\uDF2B?"}

Below is the xml after conversion


While validating xml schema its failing

Can you please provide the solutions for above test case?



Release : 10.0


The current version of the Gateway (10.x/11) product does not support JSON conversion using our XSLT assertions.   The product support TSLT version 1.0 and 2.0 fir JSON it must updated to version 3.0 

Current status Dev is looking into adding XSLT 3.0 support not ETA

Recommended file IDEA on our communities to help push this forward


Product management updates the IDEA with comments and expectations