How to uninstall the product
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How to uninstall the product


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Have a request to remove/uninstall CA DB2 Tools. 


Release : 20.0


The steps to uninstall CA DB2 TOOLS :

1) DROP database objects 

DROP STOGROUP and DATABASE and all objects created under them, which were specified and created at the time of installation.
The names of STOGROUP and DATABASE can be found in the CDBAPARM library member SETUP00.

DROP DATABASE <database name> ;

Normally, such as STOGROUP, it is not shared with with other operations, however, if it is shared with others operations, check whether it can be deleted or not.

2) FREE Package and Plan

FREE statements for Package and Plan can be created by following the steps below.

Originally, at the time of product release-up, the dataset of the previous version is specified to FREE the previous Package and Plan.
Specifying the parameter library of the current version, FREE statement for current release can be created.

Please follow the steps below.

- Select <3 Tasks> in Post install panel

<3 Tasks>

- Select  <INS     Free Obsolete Packages and Plans> in Select DB2 Tasks panel 

------------------------------- Select DB2 Tasks ----------- Row 1 to 28 of 28
 Command ===>                                                Scroll => CSR      
 Line commands: S to Select, V to View task information                        
 Commands.....: ALLS, ALLU, ALLV to Select all/Unselect all/View all            
 S Product Task Description                                   Member     ID    
 - ------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------- ----  
   INS     Start XManager                                     N/A        XMAN  
   INS     Determine DB2 Object Sizes (Recommended)           T12MSTAT   STAT  
   INS     Compare DB2 Objects                                T12M0000   0000  
   INS     Create Required DB2 Objects                        T12M0001   0001  
   INS     Create Catalog Indexes (Optional)                  N/A        CIDX  
   INS     Bind Product Packages and Plans                    T12M0002   0002  
   INS     Copy Plan Authorizations                                      0003  
 s INS     Free Obsolete Packages and Plans                              0004  
   GEN     Grant Public Access to Global Defaults             T12M0225   0225  
   GEN     Grant Public Access to General Services Plan       T12M0226   0226  
   GEN     Grant Public Access to Object List Manager Plan    T12M0227   0227  
   GEN     Grant XManager Execute for UPM Functions           T12M0228   0228  
   IDB2    CA Sysview for DB2: DB2 Specific Install Tasks     T12M0550   0550  
   PPA     Plan Analyzer - Install/Upgrade Customization                 0825  
   PPA     Plan Analyzer Stored Procedure Installation                   0826  
   PRF     PRF Table Initialization Utility (PRFINIT/PRFX)               0875  
   PRF     PRF Table Conversion Utility (PRFCNVRT)                       0876  
   PRA     Define PRA Table Backup GDG Datasets                          0900  
   PRA     Setup PRA#LOAD Batch JCL                                      0901  
   PRA     Load Disaster Recovery Backup Types Table                     0902  
   QRF     Compile/PRF Table Conversion Utility               T12M1125   1125  
   PDA     Database Analyzer - Install/Upgrade Customization             1150  
   RCM     Load and Customize the Model Services Table                   1325  
   RCM     Load the Automapping Mask Services Table                      1326  
   RCM     Load the Rule Set Table                                       1327  
   RCM     Install RCM SQL Stored Procedure Processor                    1328  
   RCQ     Initialize the RC/Query Report Table                          1425  
   RCS     Initialize RC/Secure Department Definition Table              1525  
 ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

- Check following information 

<0 - Free ALL product plans and related packages defined by:>
   PLANSxx member name....> PLANS00           PLANSxx
   DSNAMExx member name...> DSNAME00          DSNAMExx

- Member ssid0004 is created. Open and EDIT the member.

The JCL member deletes all Packages and Plans. The JCL has following steps :


Don't run STEP FREEPKG0 at this point. 

Edit the third STEP STRPQR0, change OUTDD DD to a actual dataset. It will save generated FREE statements. 

//*OUTDD    DD  DISP=(,PASS),DSN=&&FREEPS,              
//*             UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(3200,(1000,500),RLSE),
//*             DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=80)                
//             UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(3200,(1000,500),RLSE),  
//             DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=80)        

With the JCL change, FREE statements can be seen and checked before the actual FREE run.

3) Delete all CA DB2 TOOLS datasets including VSAM datasets

4) Remove CA DB2 TOOLS definitions from system

- APF CDBALOAD load library
- STC PTXMAN, ssidIDB2 and the product STC such as IDB2PC for  SYSVIEW/DB2