Capacity vs. Demand by Resource- drop down from parameter
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Capacity vs. Demand by Resource- drop down from parameter


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Capacity vs Demand by Resource report has a field called 'Drop Down From'

There is a null value without the ability to change.

What is the purpose of this parameter?


Release : 16.1.0


Working as designed.

This field was going to be hidden however there is a constraint that has prevented it.  This comes from the ability to drill down to this report from two different reports.

  • Over/Under Allocation by Resource
  • Over/Under Allocation by Role
When we drill down from the Over/Under Allocation by Role(by clicking a role link), it passes parameters from the parent report to the drill-down report.
This is an internal flag to indicate it is coming from a role and not a resource.

Open Over/Under Allocation by Role and run the report to get data

Click the hyperlink for one of the roles

This will open the Capacity vs. Demand by Resource report

Look at the Drill Down From field.  It will show 'PROJECT_ROLE'

If you go directly to the Capacity vs, Demand by Resource report, it will show Null because you did not access the report from one of the other reports.