MUX - Can a field be required on a Task?
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MUX - Can a field be required on a Task?


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In the classic interface a field on a Task is defined as "required", but it's not required in the MUX. Is there a way to make the field required?


Release : 16.1.0


For an out of the box attribute on the Task object, it's not possible to set the field as required in the MUX. To make a field required in the MUX there are two possible options:

1. Access the Object within Studio, modify the Attribute and check the option to make it "Required". The ability to modify an out of the box Attribute to make it required isn't possible.

2. Create a Rule on the Blueprint of an Object in the MUX, and create a Rule that will require the attribute. There are no Blueprints for the Task Object at this time.


Since neither option can be fulfilled with the original scenario, it would not be possible to accomplish this.

One possible option might be to create a new Attribute on the Task, and replicate the information in the desired field, and set that field as Required.