Ingress install creates the correct protocols for loadbalancers in GCP
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Ingress install creates the correct protocols for loadbalancers in GCP


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VIP Authentication Hub



When running VIP AuthHub, do the load balancers created by the Ingress installation have the expected protocol as they show TCP type instead of HTTP(s)?




From the documentation, there's no specific parameter to set the Load Balancing type in GCP (1).
The Ingress service requires a regular (TCP) LoadBalancer and this is expected.

It doesn't use an Application Load Balancer (ALB) like the Load Balancer HTTP(s). An ALB is basically like an Ingress Controller that is running outside the cluster and only routes HTTP/HTTPS requests to a service in the cluster.

In AuthHub (using Ingress-Nginx), all traffic arrives at the Ingress controller in the cluster (through the TCP LB) and gets handled there (HTTP/HTTPS requests are routed to the right service). The Nginx Ingress controller is going to handle HTTP/HTTPS traffic only.


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    Command to run in other cloud (Google Cloud - GKE, Azure - AKS) environments:

       helm install ingress-nginx -n ingress ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx \
       --set controller.service.externalTrafficPolicy="Local" \
       --set imagePullSecrets[0].name=docker-hub-reg-pullsecret \
       --set-string controller.config.annotation-value-word-blocklist="load_module\,lua_package\,_by_lua\,location\,root\,proxy_pass\,serviceaccount\,{\,}\,\'\,\\\\" \