Can Bluetooth specific rules be added to policies
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Can Bluetooth specific rules be added to policies


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Is there a way to add rules for the Bluetooth channel, much like other channels (Removeable Storage, Copy to share, etc).?

Bluetooth is currently being monitored via application file access (AFA) for the fsquire.exe/blued (windows/mac) but this does not allow a policy to only scope for Bluetooth transfers specifically as all other AFA enabled application are also monitored.


Release : 15.8, 16.0


At this time DLP does not have first class support for Bluetooth file transfers (specific Bluetooth channel monitoring). DLP can monitor Bluetooth file transfers, see this KB for details.

If you would like DLP to have a Bluetooth specific channel monitoring feature, please contact support or sales and mention that your company would like to be included in this feature request.

Request ID: PM-3790