OneClick WebApp not working with Firefox Version 110
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OneClick WebApp not working with Firefox Version 110


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CA Spectrum


After the installation of Firefox 110 the OneClick webapp is not working anymore.

The OC webapp starts but as soon as a scroll bar is used, the picture of the OC client gets destroyed.
It looks like the windows where you are using the scroll bar, does not scroll and it is moved away from his position on the screen eg.


now using the scroll bar of component detail the screen gets destroyed ...


Release : 21.2.x, 22.2.x


Firefox 110 changed something in canvas rendering related to composition.


disable directdraw  ("directdraw" : false,)  in webswing.config.

Additional Information

DirectDraw rendering

DirectDraw (DD) is the new way of rendering the Swing application to HTML canvas element. Compared to the old method, where the rendering is based on png images, this new way directly interprets the draw instructions on canvas. So the difference is similar as if you compare raster and vector graphics. DD should bring performance improvements in rendering speed and data transfer bandwidth size because it reduces the use of expensive png encoding.