Fortinet trap has no usable information in Spectrum
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Fortinet trap has no usable information in Spectrum


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DX NetOps


I want to add string value from trap, saying which instance is down but it was not picking up the value from Event.The trap just references the load balancer   

"Trap sent if A pool member has occurring health check down."

and not which instance is down.  Below we see 50 instances so this alarm is pointless.  Do I have to manually check all 50?


Release : 21.2


The trap is defined with only the serial number as a varbind.

# fadcTrapMemberHCDown                  fadcSysSerial  0x05b101c6,0)

this serial exists on the device level of Fortinet load balancers and relates to the Fortinet device and not the actual pool member that is down.  There is no way to know from this trap which pool member is down.  This trap serves as a notification to warn that a pool member is down but does not tell you which pool member.  

The vendor would need to change their trap so that it includes the pool member name in the trap and not just the serial which is useless information.