Rate Matrix Issue - Rates/Costs are missing for roles/resources
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Rate Matrix Issue - Rates/Costs are missing for roles/resources


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We are facing the Resource not found issue when creating the Cost Plan.

 ERROR: REVMGR-20728:Rates/Costs are missing for following roles/resources 

We are having the rates for the Resource Role created in the Rate Matrix as below

Still the resource role is not picking the rate from the Rate matrix for below highlighted resources.


Release : 16.1.1


The rates in the matrix is not covering range of investment dates i.e. Start - End. In your scenario the project start is 11/18/19 whereas you don't have any rates in matrix covering period 11/18/19-7/1/22, resulting in the error.


Things to consider with respect to Rate Matrix 

- When populating from Allocations or Assignments there needs to be a rate in the matrix to cover the whole range of the investment dates not just the resource team dates.

- When the cost plan is checking the rate matrix, if the rate does not start the 1st of the month it may not be able to find the rate. Refer KB Populating cost plan does not recognize mid-month dates in the rate matrix for more details.

To resolve the above error, create a rate entry in the Matrix covering the whole range of investment.