Latest Datapower Agent not working while using Rest Management Interface
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Latest Datapower Agent not working while using Rest Management Interface


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We are trying to upgrade our Datapower agents from to 2023.1.0.26 but it seems like the latest version no longer supports the REST interface.

I am asking if this is true or maybe I didn't configure it properly.

In version 21.11, we were using the DataPower REST interface on port 5554 and it worked fine.  But after we upgraded to version 2023.1.0.26, we started getting errors using the same port.  

We tested the new version (2023.1.0.26) using the XML Management Interface on port 5550 and it worked.

We prefer to keep using the REST Management Interface instead of the XML interface.

The documentation for 21.3 mentions REST but the SaaS documentation mentions only XML.

IBM DataPower

IBM DataPower Extension



Release : 22.1


REST deprecated and replaced by XML. 

The newer DX APMIA Datapower agent extension versions had deprecated the REST Management Interface due to its potential performance issues and limitations with bulk responses.  The newer versions are now supporting the XML Management Interface with backward compatibility for all the metrics supported previously with the REST Management Interface.  

There are also a few additional metrics added and improved performance as group responses are being supported.  That said, the Interface used should not impact the applications deployed on Datapower in any way and it is just a way of monitoring offered by Datapower.  Customers need to ensure that the XML Management Interface is enabled as described in our online DX APM Agents guide.  


Additional Information

If the customer finds any impact or regression on the Datapower monitoring solution, please help gather the specific user case and/or problem details where the customer would only want to use the REST Management Interface instead of the XML Management Interface.