Password Reset fails with Invalid JSON value in blobText
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Password Reset fails with Invalid JSON value in blobText


Article ID: 260438


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CA Identity Suite


When execute the “Forgotten Password” task, sometimes the task is completed but sometimes fail.


The failed error is:


Send Email: Generated By Policy Xpress: Failed to execute SendEmailEvent. ERROR MESSAGE: PxEnvironmentException:Error sending email


Below are the errors from server log:


2023-02-14 10:48:34,814 ERROR [ims.llsdk6.PasswordBlobImpl] (Thread-367 (ActiveMQ-client-global-threads)) Invalid JSON value in blobText

2023-02-14 10:48:34,814 ERROR [ims.llsdk6.PasswordBlobImpl] (Thread-367 (ActiveMQ-client-global-threads)) java.lang.NullPointerException

        at com.netegrity.llsdk6.imsimpl.passwordservices.PasswordBlobImpl.createBlobFromText(

        at com.netegrity.llsdk6.imsimpl.managedobject.UserImpl.getPasswordBlob(

        at com.netegrity.llsdk6.imsimpl.utility.PWHelper.updateNativePasswordHistory(





Invalid JSON value in blobText indicates that the password blob, that is, the value of the data stored in the PASSWORD_DATA user attribute, is unreadable.

There are several causes of the data becoming unreadable like user data being imported from another system with different data encoding or encryption, or an external process that is unexpectedly modifying the password_data value, etc.



Clear the value of the user's PASSWORD_DATA. If the issue is widespread among users you need to investigate how and why the password_data is not readable by Identity Manager and then clear out the unreadable values as needed.