Error popup "Parent Object does not exist" in IDMS Visual DBA
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Error popup "Parent Object does not exist" in IDMS Visual DBA


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When managing the "User signed on" branch under "Activity" in the DOM, a popup with the message "Parent Object does not exist" appears.

There are no other symptoms, but this can happen for every signed-on user and the OK button must be clicked for each one, so on a busy system, this problem can have a significant impact for the Visual DBA user.


Release : All supported releases.
Component: Visual DBA.


The table procedure SYSCA.VDBA_DICTIONARY5 does not contain a column representing the dictionary name that is specified on the ODBC datasource that was used to connect to the IDMS CV from Visual DBA.


Make sure that the SYSCA.VDBA_DICTIONARY5 table procedure contains a column for the dictionary name which is on the ODBC datasource definition.

The following datasource has Dictionary: APPLDICT.

So SYSCA.VDBA_DICTIONARY5 must contain a column APPLDICT.

create table procedure SYSCA.VDBA_DICTIONARY5 (
        "SYSTEM"    CHAR(1)    -- Dictionary SYSTEM
      , "APPLDICT"  CHAR(1)    -- Dictionary APPLDICT
      , "SYSDICT"   CHAR(1)    -- Dictionary SYSDICT
    ) external name VDBADICT;


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