CCS Manager servers are Needs attention stage
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CCS Manager servers are Needs attention stage


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In Control Compliance Suite 12.6x we identified servers are getting need attention stage.
We are done with first-level troubleshooting. Tried to do a sync configuration but had no luck, still had the same issue.



Release : CCS Infra Release 12.6.x


There are a few things that can cause this to happen.

1. The CCS Manager services are not running.
2. The CCS Managers are not reachable by the CCS Manager(s) in the Load Balancer (LB) Role.
3. A custom Health and Status job has been created, which either has not been run in the last 24 hours, or the job does not include the CCS Managers that are reporting the "Need Attention".


First, start by verifying the CCS Manager services are up and running.

Ensure the servers are reachable by the Symantec Application Server Service system and the CCS Manager(s) in the Load Balancer (LB) Role.

Lastly, if a custom health and status job has been created, ensure it has a schedule to run at least once daily and includes all sites/managers.
OR delete the custom health and status job, once deleted go to Settings -> Deployment View -> from the "Infrastructure Tasks" drop-down select "Refresh Health Status".

NOTE: If a custom health and status job exists running the default "Refresh Health Status" from the Deployment View will only update the Application Server status, it will NOT have any effect on the CCS Managers.

To find any custom "Health And Status Job", go to the Job workspace.
Make sure to select "All Jobs", from the "Show Filters" select only the "Health And Status Job", "Last Run" set to "None", and "Job Status" set to "All".
Then click on "Apply".


Verify that the job(s) has recently run.

Next, verify the job configuration includes all the sites and/or managers.


Additional Information

For reference please refer to the Custom Health and Status job documentation.