postgresql sql probe configuration verification
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postgresql sql probe configuration verification


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When trying to make the configuration for postgresql, in the documentation given in the broadcom documentation it is indicated that to do this configuration you must have administrator permissions. Please clarify.


  • Release: 20.4
  • jdbc_response v1.25 (CR)


- guidance


For monitoring PostgreSQL, we don't have a separate probe. This probe is not released as a GA probe.

The jdbc_response probe v1.25 IS available on the support site as control release (CR).  You can use Postgres MCS template with this version of the jdbc_response. 

The 1.25 version of the jdbc_probe is available as Controlled Release (published on the CR archive of Here is the direct download link.

The template published and attached within the KB article should work.

postgreSQL MCS Profile Type Configuration

How do I enable monitoring of the PostgresSQL database using the UIM jdbc_response probe?

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