Direct Clarity Upgrade to 16.1.0 from 15.9.2
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Direct Clarity Upgrade to 16.1.0 from 15.9.2


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We are currently on Clarity 15.9.2 and wanted to update to 16.1.0. In documentation it is stated that minimum required version is 16.0.2 if we upgrade to 16.1.0.


Release : 16.1.0


  • There is no direct upgrade from 15.9.2 to 16.1.0. Unfortunately since you are so many versions behind the current version, direct upgrade is not supported.
  • Attempting the upgrade will not work, it will fail if you attempt it. To avoid this situation we suggest to always keep current within 1-2 versions of the latest version.
  • To upgrade now, you have to do hops. We recommend doing the following: 15.9.2 > 16.0.1 > 16.0.3 >16.1.0
  • Note that after completing each hop you do not have to bring the application up and test it. 
  • Once the hop is successful, back up the database (optional) and continue with the next version.
  • You only have to make sure you have supported hardware & software for the latest release.
  • Essentially doing the hops will not add that much additional work as direct upgrade also applies the same releases in order so the timings will be very similar.

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