EPAgent on Windows server questions
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EPAgent on Windows server questions


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Our APM server is a windows server. Our EP agent client are 2 API gateways.
We have 2 questions :

1) The installation guide says the following :

Run the apm_pm_install.sh script as follows:
The script prompts to provide the following configuration information:
Absolute path of the APIM-PM-APM folder where you extracted the apim.js, APM-APIM-DashboardAlerts.jar, gateway-typeviewers.xml files on the APM server. For example, /root/CA/APIM-PM-APM
Absolute path of the Introscope installation folder. For example, /opt/apm105/Introscope10.5 or /opt/apm107/Introscope10.7

but we have the Introscope folder on the APM Windows server. How do we do the same steps on the Windows server? Going to check on the Windows APM server in the Introscope10.8.0.27\ext\xmltv folder, the files apim.js, APM-APIM-DashboardAlerts.jar, gateway-typeviewers.xml are not present

2) On the Windows APM server we have installed the Introscope10.8.0.27 version but I notice that on the APIGW, where the EP agent is installed, the folder is called /opt/apm105.
Is it correct that it is apm105? Shouldn't it be apm108?



Release : 10.8


This is a CA PRECISION API MONITORING installation.  It is only supported under Linux and not Windows.  Therefore, there is no Windows installer for this.