Actual Revenue field value disappears in MUX
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Actual Revenue field value disappears in MUX


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Actual Revenue field in MUX is editable but after inserting the value and saved, the value disappears when the page is refreshed in MUX. 
In Classic, the value stays as is.


Release : 16.1.0


1. Login to MUX as a user who has access to create Financial Plans (Cost Plan)
2. Create a project ABC and financially enable it
3. Create a Cost Plan under Financials tab (MUX)
4. Configure the Per Period Metrics for 6 months or 1 yr so Cost can be inserted in the grid. 
5. Under View Options(gear icon), configure to show Actual Revenue in the Per period metrics
6. Create a line item in the Cost PLan details page
7. Insert cost($10000) in the grid for Actual Revenue field(its editable)
8. Without refreshing the above page, open a new tab and navigate to the Classic UX to Project ABC - Cost Plan DETAILS
9. $10000 inserted in Step 7 is visible in the Classic UX Cost Plan details. 
10. Go back to first tab (Step 7) and refresh the page

Expected: $10000 stays in the page in both MUX and Classic UX
Actual: $10000 disappears from both MUX and Classic UX. 

11. In Classic UX, insert $20,000 in any other cell (er even the same cell) ion the Cost Plan details and Save. 
12. In MUX, the $20,000 will reflect correctly and it stays as it is even after refresh. 
13. In MUX, add $30,000 to any other cell in the Cost Plan Details and this will be reflecting in Classic like in Step 8. 
14. Refresh the page in MUX

Expected: $20,000(added from Classic) and $30,000(added from MUX) stays as it is. 
Actual: Both $20,000 and $30,000 disappears from the Cost Plan Details page. 



DE68563 - Fixed in 16.1.2