CA 7 Datacom resize the data and index areas with CA 7 down
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CA 7 Datacom resize the data and index areas with CA 7 down


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CA 7 Workload Automation Datacom/AD


CA 7 Datacom resize the data and index areas with CA 7 down due to warning messages CAL2SM01W Area: HIS DBID: 0770 Full:  96.00% DSN: 



Release : 12.1


If the data set has not yet all 16 extents taken and there is still enough free space available on the volume then no action is needed since the Datacom MUF will perform a dynamic extend when the file gets 100% full.

CA 7 delivers sample JCL in library CAL2JCL member AL2DCC40 to help you resize any of the Datacom database data areas that require a larger allocation. You can comment out any area you do not wish to increase.  

Job AL2DCC40 will: 

  1. Close your database (this will fail if anyone is using CA 7).
  2. Back up your CA 7 data to a GDG (+1) dataset on tape.
  3. Rename your existing datasets to ".old" files.
  4. Create and initialize new datasets.
  5. Reload the data from the GDG dataset from tape backup (+0).
  6. Confirm the table constraints.

All steps need to complete successfully. If any step fails, need to restart from last failed step. For example RESTORE Step failed, restart from RESTORE Step by using RESTART=RESTORE in JOB card or delete the Steps that ran successfully and restart from failed Step.  

Please note: This needs to be done during a maintenance window as CA 7 started task needs to be down and the CA 7 MUF started task needs to remain started. 

Once completed and CA 7 is started, you may want to run CXX report to see the new allocation. 

Run a DBUTLTY job with SYSIN cards: