Response Path Items with no name being created in DX NetOps inventory
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Response Path Items with no name being created in DX NetOps inventory


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Response Paths showing some components as Filtered when no filter is applied in CA Performance Management (CAPM)

Some Response Path components are shown as filtered even though no Active filter is being applied:





All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases 21.2.8 and earlier


The Response Path Components that have this problem should not be discovered at all. This was an issue that was happening in versions of CAPM before 21.2.8.

This problem occurs in versions prior to 21.2.8 when a Monitoring Profile that includes an IPSLA Metric Family (such as Response Path Test ICMP ) discovers a device that has NO such components. CAPM would then create a component for that MF, but it would be an empty component with no name and hence would be filtered.


In 21.2.8, we added the following fix:

  • Symptom: On Cisco devices, some of the IPSLA metric families are marked as supported and the components are created with empty name and index.

  • Resolution: With this fix, a key attribute in the Cisco IPSLA vendor certs has been added. You can now mark these metric families as Not Supported, and no components are created.
    (21.2.8, DE519177, 32948384,32972973)
If these types of Filtered/No name components are seen in systems with a later version than 21.2.8, then these were discovered BEFORE you upgraded and so remain.