XCOM job log/SMF record does not contain cipher suite used
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XCOM job log/SMF record does not contain cipher suite used


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Using XCOM for z/OS and currently moving from OpenSSL to System SSL.
The job log SMF records in our test systems do not contain any cipher suite data field.  Is there something that needs to be turned on to make the data available?


Release : 12.0


Later it transpired only seeing missing cipher suite when using OpenSSL and it is visible when using System SSL.


When using OpenSSL, XCOM for z/OS has never logged a cipher suite message and this was a new feature brought in for System SSL using message XCOMM1504I e.g. "XCOMM1504I Using TLSv1.2 protocol in non-FIPS mode with cipher suite ...".
OpenSSL on XCOM for z/OS was announced as being deprecated several years back so it will not be enhanced to add that message. Also as of PTF LU07625, OpenSSL has been completely removed from XCOM (Deprecated Features).

Additional Information

Also see New Features - ISPF Transfer Request Detailed Display

For System SSL there is also October 2022 PTF LU07735 ("MESSAGE XCOMM1504I NOT CONSISTENTLY WRITTEN TO THE XCOMLOG").