Can Web Viewer 14.0 process and display AFP reports
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Can Web Viewer 14.0 process and display AFP reports


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How to configure Web Viewer to display AFP reports ?


Release : 14.0

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The answer is yes as long as you have these PTF's installed and configure the TRANSFORMAFP2PDF=”False” in the Configfile.cfg

From the online documentation:

AFP to PDF Report Transformation - PTF RO98741, PTF RO98742, and PTF RO98743. This update lets administrators specify how the Java transformers process AFP reports that users request: return the reports as AFP files or transform the reports into PDF files. 

For details, see Configure the Product:

Configure Web Viewer To Use The Java Transformers

The TRANSFORM2PDF variable in the file ConfigFile.cfg enables or disables the Java transformers. When you enable the Java transformers, the Java transformers transform AFP and/or Metacode reports to PDF. The Java transformer configuration parameters define the transformation.
Default is True
You can specify the TRANSFORM2PDF variable as TRANSFORMAFP2PDF.

Additional Information

NOTE: You only set TRANSLATEMETADATA In case of using a special charset for report names.