Finish date in Clarity pushed out by one day after running Integration sync job
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Finish date in Clarity pushed out by one day after running Integration sync job


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Changed Planned End Date in Rally and Sync back to Clarity changes the finish date, pushing it out by one day.

Steps to reproduce:
Create CIT in Clarity to sync with Rally
Set Dates in MUX: Start Feb 20, 2023 and Finish Mar 3.2023
Run Sync Mapped Information job
Go to the CIT Rally work item
Change Dates in Rally to: Planned Start Date 02/27/2023 and Planned End Date 03/10/2023
Run Sync Mapped Information job
Go to Clarity
Check Dates in MUX: Start Feb 27, 2023 and Finish Mar 11.2023


Release : 16.1.0


This is known issue with sync dates not being accurate. In previous releases the Rally’s Planned End Dates and the Finish dates from Clarity were not in sync. For example, if a Clarity investment finish date is defined as Nov-23, the sync job is performed, and the newly created Rally item would display a Planned Finish Date of Nov-22 (a day earlier) and in some cases, Nov-24 (a day later) depending on the GMT + or - offset.

Date and Time Zone Improvements are now available in 16.1

With the Clarity 16.1.0 release, the date and time zone handling has been improved when the Clarity server and the integrated Rally workspace are configured to use the same time zone, eliminating end-user confusion and ensuring trust in the systems and the data.

To overcome issue development introduced API to identify time zones and now Clarity sends dates to Rally using Rally Workspace timezone. So basically starting in Clarity 16.1 the use case targeted is, if Clarity and Rally are using the same time zone and dates, after the sync job runs, the Planned Start and End Dates display an expected value.


Updating Rally Workspace to sync Planned Start and Planned Finish Date in Clarity..
Edit Rally Time Zone setting in Workspace to match Clarity Timezone.
Use Case (Clarity 16.1.0): When the Clarity and Rally both are same time zone. If Clarity server is in GMT-8, the Clarity job API will pull the Rally Time Zone: GMT-08:00 America/Los_Angeles and dates should match.