AWI 21.0.5: item "Reset Agent Public Key" not available in client 0
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AWI 21.0.5: item "Reset Agent Public Key" not available in client 0


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The user is unable to find the feature "Renew Transfer Key" (AE version 12.3) or "Reset Agent Public Key" (AE version 21.0) in AWI.

Client 0 ==> Administration ==> Agents & Groups ==> Right click on the agent ==> Reset Agent Public Key or Renew Transfer Key?




Release : AE\AWI 12.3 and 21.0


This is by design.


The "Reset Agent Public Key" or "Renew Transfer Key" function are only available if the Authentication mode is set to NO.

The reason therefore is 

The dynamic resetting of Agent Keys is ony available in the Authentication Mode 'NO' : All the other modes must unload/create agent packages. This is why and therefore no key can be reset - hence these object must be deleted from the database table if the Authentication Mode is changed.

Additional Information

The authentication mode in use can be verified in the UC_AS_SETTINGS Variable under client 0.

The default value for the AUTHENTICATION parameter is 'NO'.

If the default value (NO) is configured and the problem exists, a case to the BROADCOM Support must be opened.