Actual on assignment but cannot track it back
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Actual on assignment but cannot track it back


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


There are actuals on an assignment but there is no trail of where they came from.



Release : 16.1.0


There are a few scenarios where this can happen.

1) Timesheets post and then the time reporting period was deleted but actuals were not removed

2) Actuals posted from WIP and the Purge Financial Tables job ran for the investment

3) Actuals were entered directly into OWB or MSP


1) If actuals posted through timesheets, they may be able to be removed by running CSTools (Posting Repair job) - Contact Support

2) Actuals posted through WIP may be able to be removed  - Contact Support

3) Actuals entered through OWB - These actuals can only be entered and then ultimately removed if both the Investment and Resource have settings of Track Mode = None and Open for Time Entry = No



Additional Information

When trying to edit the field in OWB for actuals entered through OWB these scenarios were found:

if project track mode = none and OTE = 1
then you can enter in OWB but it will not save back.

Resource Track mode = ppm
OTE = no

You can you cannot even edit the value in OWB