Why %AVGRUNTIME shows 0 on ESP Workload Automation?
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Why %AVGRUNTIME shows 0 on ESP Workload Automation?


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ESP Workload Automation


The following job has run thousands of times and each time it runs for a duration of 5 minutes but always shows an AVGRUNTIME of zero

07.30.02 JOB06528 ---- WEDNESDAY, 18 JAN 2023 ----                              
07.30.02 JOB06528  IRR010I  USERID ESP      IS ASSIGNED TO THIS JOB.            
07.30.13 JOB06528  ICH70001I ESP      LAST ACCESS AT 07:30:07 ON WEDNESDAY, JANU
07.30.13 JOB06528  $HASP373 jobname STARTED - TM INIT - SLM TEST TYPE1 - SYS SYSA
07.30.13 JOB06528  IEF403I jobname - STARTED - TIME=07.30.13                   
07.35.13 JOB06528  +WAIT002I jobname(JOB06528) STEP1 WAIT ENDED                
07.35.13 JOB06528  IEF404I jobname - ENDED - TIME=07.35.13                     
07.35.13 JOB06528  $HASP395 jobname ENDED - RC=0000                            

But ESP built-in variable %AVGRUNTIME shows 0. Why?


Release : 12.0

Component: Workload Automation ESP Edition


%AVGRUNTIME showed 0 because the runs were force completed before they ended.