Upgrading Offline DBs from 11.3.6 SP8CUM2 to
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Upgrading Offline DBs from 11.3.6 SP8CUM2 to


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CA Workload Automation AE


Hi Broadcom,

As part of our R12 upgrade we are wanting to upgrade a number of offline contingency DBs from 11.3.6 SP8 CUM2 to R12 SP1 CUM3 (

Please advise if this can be done using $AUTOSYS/dbobj/ORA/RefreshAEDB.pl from an existing host with R12 SP1 CUM3 already installed.


Autosys 12.x


We have no mechanism currently for updating the schema for offline databases.
The createAEDB and RefreshAEDB will only work on live database connections.

My suggestion would be to take a backup of your 11.3.6 database, do your upgrade to the 12.x version.
Then once you are satisfied with the 12.x upgrade make new offline versions of the 12.x database rather than trying to update the 11.3.6 offline databases.