Legacy Reports Full Certification Report
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Legacy Reports Full Certification Report


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CA Identity Governance


We have 2 servers with Governance on them as a load balancer/high availability. Logging into the main server and going to Legacy Reports - Full Certification Reports works perfectly fine, but logging into the second server shows and error. Primary server refusing connection.

Attaching screenshots


Release : 14.4


We have validated that the reports.baseURL is pointing to https://<ip adress>

I think we are running into this problem:


We tested this by setting the reports.baseURL on the 171 server to match the 171 IP address instead of the 170, then restarted the 170 server to pick up the change.

Now the 170 server shows the same error that the 171 server showed and the 171 server was not restarted.

We then changed the reports.baseURL to the load-balanced URL and logged in through the load-balanced URL and the report shows on the screen as expected.


The customer states they cannot apply the patch because they are stuck on OS 6 14.4 GA

The OS 8 base 14.4 upgrade ran into many issues and was backed out of production. There is a plan to do a side by side upgrade, then update to the latest CPS after that.