Identity Manager: Password Policy (Redirect Task instead of Redirect URL)
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Identity Manager: Password Policy (Redirect Task instead of Redirect URL)


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CA Identity Suite


Our DEV team is having an issue. It looks like in only our DEV state in IDM 14.3 it shows the unique name as Redirect Task and not Redirect URL under POLICIES->MANAGE PASSWORD POLICIES->MODIFY PASSWORD POLICY->LAN PASSWORD POLICY. Is there any way to change the unique name from Redirect Task to Redirect URL?



Release : 14.x


The screen fields Redirect URL and Generate Redirect URL are from much older versions of Identity Manager, as far back as 8.x and 12.x. The screens have been long since updated to read just "Redirect Task." It is likely that the Dev environment was updated to 14.x with the correct roles and tasks while the other environments retained the old pre-14.x screen(s) without having the latest screens imported.

While there may not be any functional problems with the old screen, you might consider at some point importing the newer screen from Dev to the others.

Older, incorrect screen:


New screen for 14.x:


 Import the new screen(s) from Dev to the other environments. There may be multiple screens, one for create password policy, another for modify password policy, etc.

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